Terminal Tetra

topGeneral Information

  • The TETRA network is a system of digital radio operated by CERN and made for safety. Each TETRA system:
    • allows people working in team to communicate via predefined communication groups
    • allows to contact very easily the fire brigade in case of emergency
    • allows a geo-location to accelerate the rescue process
    • is equipped with a "lone worker" protection device that launches automatically an alarm to the fire brigade in case of loss of verticality.
  • On CERN sites, the TETRA network is available everywhere in the open air, in underground facilities (LHC, SPS, PS, Booster, Linacs, North Zone) and in most of the surface buildings (AD, ISOLDE).
  • For more details; see Service Radio Communication TETRA.
  • User Guide : Terminal Radio SEPURA STP8000.


  • The TETRA terminals are under the responsibility of the TE-EPC secretariat, which will ensure their follow-up.
  • TE-EPC Secretariat mailbox
  • The TETRA terminals of the group have been configured with "TE-EPC" as predefined communication group.

topRules of Use

  • PRE-REQUISITE - each user must have followed:
  • The rules of use for the TE-EPC group are the following:
    • The use of a TETRA terminal is compulsory for anyone in intervention alone outside the working hours on the CERN site (standby service essentially).
    • TETRA terminals are managed centrally and placed on their charging base at TE-EPC secretariat (866/2-C04).
    • Once you have recovered a TETRA terminal, you will have to write your name in front of the number of the corresponding terminal (located on the back of the TETRA) on the secretariat�s white board.
    • At the end of the intervention, the TETRA terminal must be switched off, before leaving it on its charging base to ensure the good condition of the battery for the next user.
    • Any anomaly must be reported to the TE-EPC secretariat.

  • Useful Information:
    • Call the 75011 (Control Center Bld. 513) in case of problem outside the working hours.
    • Switch on the TETRA terminal in vertical position, reference position of the function "lone worker�.
    • Shake the TETRA terminal in case of pre-alarm linked to the loss of verticality; see principle.
    • In case of mishandling (alarm transmitted to fire brigade), don�t turn off the radio. They will call you back.
    • User's guide: Terminal Radio SEPURA STP8000.