Emergency Exit

topBefore an alarm sounds

  • Study the evacuation plans in your building!
  • Make sure you know the quickest way out of the building and an alternative in case your usual route is blocked.
  • Please read the names of the Emergency Guides, who will help you during the evauation; see the list.

topWhen you hear the alarm

  • DO NOT PANIC! At all times during an emergency, follow the instructions of the Emergency Guides.
  • Close windows and doors (but don't lock doors).
  • Don�t use the lift and don�t backtrack.
  • Assist any person with a disability to leave the building. Use an evacuation chair to carry people down stairs.
  • Leave the building calmly using the nearest and safest exit route.
  • Go to the dedicated assembly point of your building: Bldg 866 ,...
  • Stay there until instructed to leave by the TSO or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  • Do not re-enter the building until informed that it is safe to do so by the TSO or the Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  • During an evacuation, the Emergency Guides on each floor will check that people are leaving.