TE-EPC info Documentation / Links
  • Electrical Safety Awareness
    • Mandatory for TE-EPC personnel, unless you have an Electrical Approval Certificate
    • Training on line .web
  • Electrical Approval Certificate
    • Mandatory for all operation on or in vicinity of electrical equipments
    • Delivered by the Safety Linkperson after following an "Habilitation Electrique" training
    • Materialized by a TITLE established and signed by the Safety Linkperson and by the person concerned.
  • TE-EPC Trainings & Electrical Approval
  • Procedures - Guides TE-EPC
  • Voltage Detector VAT
    • CA771 1kVAC/1.4kVDC Guide
    • Transformers HV [18kV] .pdf
  • Specific Procedures - Guides
    • Lock-out (CERN Rules) .pdf
    • 18kV Maneuver Delegation .pdf
    • Superconduct. circuits: DC cable disconnect. .pdf