Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

topGeneral Information

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are any equipment designed to be held by a person for protection against one or more hazards likely to endanger his health and his safety.
  • There are three categories of personal protective equipment.
    • Class I = work equipment covering minor risks (jackets, gloves, glasses, shoes ...).
    • Class II = specific protective devices for major risks (electricians gloves, helmet ...)..
    • Class III = safety equipment for serious risk with irreversible or fatal effects (equipment for working at heights, self-rescue mask ...). These equipemnt shall be checked annually. Their use requires a training.

topProcurement / Use

  • How to get his PPE ?
    • Most PPE are available at the CERN store (SCEM codes 50.xx...).
    • They can be purchased by a Material Request through EDH or at the CERN Store emergency desk.
    • Use the budget code 68100 - TE-EPC General [Budget Holder : V. Montabonnet]
  • Where are the PPE needed ? Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • In all the labs and industrial places, wear the PPE following the signalling.
    • In the "beam facilities", wear the obligatory PPEs as defined by the document EDMS 1223620

topSpecific Information